Step aside Biff & Chip there’s a new family in town! Week 1 – Introductions

Step aside Biff & Chip there’s a new family in town! Week 1 – Introductions

Hello and welcome to The Buck Family, the new kids in town.

In the coming weeks, you will be able to read all about life in the Buck House in a series of different stories of how we all roll this side of the River (before anyone asks what river there isn’t one, it just ended the sentence better!).

Over the past year, you may have…or may not have come to know a little bit about us.  In case you haven’t, this week is all about introductions.

Below are little bursts of information, names, ages etc.  Hopefully it will help you to familiarise yourself with the Buck Tribe!

Mummy Buck

IMG_3634– mother of four slowly working her way through her 40’s, finding it hard at times acting all grown up and responsible as mentally she’s just celebrated her 18th Birthday.  She currently works part-time for the local constabulary and enjoys her rest work days.  The other half of her life is spent working as an unpaid skivvy, cook & Uber driver frequently on 24-hour call.

She has been surviving parenthood for the last 16 years on coffee, cake and whatever works.  She loathes baby parenting books, and has often been overheard saying “Christ those parenting books are a load of bullshit, and don’t start me on that bloody Supernanny woman with no kids” .

Mummy Buck LOVES blogging, Autumnal weather and wishes every year for a white Christmas.  Lover of cosy fires, nights in, PJ days and her Alexa (Amazon!).

Huuuuuu-monnnn-gous lover of New Country Music.  Enjoys the art of conversation.  Likes to bake but doesn’t bother much these days due to lack of appreciation and the cost.  Extremely organised on paper only (see LISTS never read).  A leave it till the last minute type of person.  Hates flying and ironing.

Is an excellent finder of things and taker of blame for everything wrong in the Buck House.  Prone to sudden onset of hot flashes and rage.  Has a close circle of fab friends.  Is very proud of all her kiddie-winkies.

Daddy Buck aka His Nibs

IMG_3636age undisclosed.  Lifelong supporter of The Blues – Chelsea FC.  Extremely passionate about Chelsea that words simply cannot describe.  Can be prone to football induced highs and lows all in a 5 minute sitting.

Used to attend matches frequently when younger.  Would like to go to a home match this year but is unable to secure another mortgage to pay for the tickets.

Is a car enthusiast and avid watcher of Wheeler Dealers, Gas Monkey any car restoration programme.  Mummy Buck is often corrected when heard saying ‘if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all”.  Mummy Buck does not know what shes’ talking about….apparently.

Enjoys anything with Alaska in the title.  Mummy buck shares this interest often wondering out loud why the ‘f’in ell anyone would want to hunt their dinner and spend hours skinning & gutting it ewwww.  They need Tesco’s she says.

Daddy Buck is a legend for his Sunday roast.  Lives in hope every week for his numbers to come up.

Was born with a garden spade in his mouth, his homegrown vegetables are worthy of a spot in any farmhouse shop.

Favourite food is T-bone steak, liver and mash.  Favourite drink is anything that says 5% and above on the bottle.


IMG_3638is 16 almost 17.  She talks a lot…..a hell of a lot, mostly about her upcoming birthday and how she will be driving.  She has red hair, green eyes and opinions (lots of them).  Is particularly careful with money, especially her own that she earns from working at a local pub.

She is careful not to break into any notes finding it easier to break into Mummy & Daddy Bucks instead.

She is currently at 6th Form studying really hard and considering a future either as a Teacher or Paediatric Nurse.

Mummy Buck has learnt to remain tight lipped when Pippy discusses future job options as Mummy Bucks enthusiasm is not seen as supportive but pushy.

Just because Pippy mentions possible career options this is NOT open for Mummy Buck to realy this information to everyone as Pippy is NOT decided on any career path.

She is very sociable and enjoys glasses of wine.  She goes to lots of parties.  Hates clothes shopping preferring to send Mummy Buck out with vague instructions.

She loves dining out but only with a discount voucher.  Her favourite snack is bacon and bagels.  Mobile phone is surgically attached to her hand.

Loves room service, tucking herself in most nights before texting Daddy Bucks hotline for something from the ‘nice to eat’ menu.

She is a professional Snap-Chatter and selfie taker.  Like Dip, she is a fully-fledged food critique.

Has a phobia about spiders, vegetables, fruit and salady things.

Is a taker of things and returner of none.  Always on hand to tidy up/help/put her ‘stuff’ away ‘in a minute’ (see trouble telling time).

Loves music.  She would love to see The Script live.  Mummy Buck has promised this will happen when they bring the ticket prices into the real world.

Can often be found in the front room with the television on pause, surrounded by food whilst staring at her phone.


IMG_3635currently 15 with red hair and blue eyes.  Very handsome and the tallest member of the Buck family and still growing.  Grandma swears every-time she sees him hes got taller!

He has a very deep voice that often surprises people.  Is prone to laziness.  Like Pippy, his phone is also surgically attached to his hand.

Has ‘issues’ with remembering and seeing further than his nose (see LOST PE Kits).

Is an avid computer person and wants to do something with computers when he’s older.  Mummy Buck is allowed to discuss this with him as he loves talking to Mummy about his future career choice.

He’s often compared to Daddy Buck, not for height but for being similar in mannerisms.

Likes football…..a bit but does not share the passion his brother & dad do.

He’s in Year 10 at school and has realised that the 3 years already spent at Secondary were actually for learning things.  He has a lot to catch up on now.  This surprises Mummy Buck as she thought he already knew it all!

He enjoys hanging out with his mates at weekends, rather than stressing himself with school work.

Has a liking for brands, yes DONNAY is a brand but NOT a brand he would be seen dead in.

He likes Stone Island? Mummy Buck thought this was a sequel to Planet of The Apes and asked who was in it?  Dippy got cross it is in fact a brand of clothing, with a sweatshirt costing a reasonable £180.00, that is reasonable according to Dippy NOT Mummy.  Ooooh hang I’ve just been corrected £260.00 to be precise….bargain!!

Dippy has a short fuse and is currently going through a ‘phase’.  Loves music spoken rather than sung with swear words and other made up words not currently in any dictionary.

Favourite drink is anything he doesn’t have to make himself.  Favourite food is a kebab with extra badboy chilli from local kebab shop.



Currently 11 and now at Secondary School.  Likes hanging out with friends but not in local town as that’s boring.  She’s super creative and can make something spectacular out of nothing.  Mummy Buck says she is a future vlogger and Pinterest queen in the making.

She loves fashion and has an impressive collection of bows for her hair.  Loves make-up and all things girly.

She enjoys reading.  Has a head for all random facts, such as Camels have 3 eyelids.  Mummy Buck believes this could one day be useful in a Quiz.

Has dark blonde hair & blue eyes.  Is a taker and wearer of clothes belonging to Pippy.  Is a fidget, and can often be found bouncing around rooms to the annoyance of others.  Loves Mummy Buck’s smoothies and could drink them all day long.

She is NOT a morning person responding in outbursts of anger at her name being shouted repeatedly.

She loves music and having friends for sleepovers.

Her favourite drink is from Caramel Frappuccino from Starbucks.  She loves homemade soup made by Daddy Buck.


IMG_3622currently 10 and in his last year at Primary School.  He has sandy blonde hair and big blue eyes also very handsome.  He hopes to be as tall as his brother Dippy when he’s older.  Is a cheeky chappie with a big sense of humour.

Loves playing x-Box live with his friends.  He talks a good talk.  Is weak with promises ie. promise to walk a dog all the time if we get one.  (See RIGBY below).

Loves football, and, like Daddy Buck is passionate about Chelsea FC.  He believes he has blue blood running through his veins.  Prone to temper tantrums and punching the air when Chelsea lose.

Mummy Buck can’t understand this.  Why get upset over some overpaid players running around a pitch playing with a ball? She believes their acting skills are stronger.

He is part of a local football team and is currently working hard to improve his fitness.  He joined the cross country club at school but sadly quit after the 2nd week due to not realising how far they would have to run

Joined a local boxing gym but quit the week after Mummy Buck bought him new gloves etc.  He said it wasn’t for him and ‘hung his gloves up.

Mummy Buck thinks he would be a great presenter on QVC, as he can ramble on for hours without drawing breath.

He loves sweets.  Believes sharing is caring until it’s his turn to share.  Enjoys cups of tea and dunking biscuits.  Likes to watch TV with Mum.  Likes to ask questions (see watching TV with Mum).

Currently the only member of the Buck house not to have a phone.  Loves to critique home cooking.

Favourite drink is Lucozade.  Favourite food is fish (but not fish fingers).


IMG_3621our newest addition is a 4 month old Bichon Frise puppy all white and fluffy.  He is similar to a teddy bear.  Is an attention seeker barking for long lengths of time sometimes throwing a whimper in for good measure.

Is incredibly fidgety, and mooches about for at least 15 minute before finding a comfortable spot.

Enjoys walks, but not too early in the morning as he loves a lay in.  He has lots of toys but favours no one toy in particular.

Loves to play hide and seek in all the places he’s been dragged out off time and time again.  Likes to snack on walls, cupboards and anything that moves such as human limbs, fingers and toes.

Loves ham and will do exactly as he is told to gain such reward.  Ignores all commands without ham.

Currently attending puppy class and is doing well but needs to work on not eating his lead.

Loves people as he’s super friendly.  Currently working on his confidence issues with smaller dogs.  He is more comfortable with big dogs.

Is 90% toilet trained.

Tune in next week for a typical school morning in the Buck House!

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