New & Exclusive for 2018 – Introducing our New Agony Aunt Mummy Buck

New & Exclusive for 2018 – Introducing our New Agony Aunt Mummy Buck

The Daily Grief is delighted to announce that former 80’s chick, Mummy Buck will be joining our award-winning team in 2018 as our very own Agony Aunt.

For those not familiar with the Daily Grief’s favourite former 80’s chick, Mummy Buck, let us enlighten you.

She’s bright, funny, articulate, slightly sarcastic, rather a good looking chick, wonderful mother, wife, and a….errr….and…….sorry…….blimey her writing is small……I can’t read the rest of her scrawlings.

She’s wife to Daddy Buck and mother to four little shits cherubs.  Pippy, now 17 and learning to drive, Dippy, 15 and learning to embrace school,..sort off.  Pip-Jnr, 11 future You-Tuber queen..creative, type person and Dip-Jnr, 10 future Chelsea player.

Yep, she’s a busy lady.  The latest addition to the Buck, don’t give a f**k family is the Fluffy One, Rigby age 5 1/4 months.

God love Mummy Buck.


Got a problem? Haven’t we all!   We’re very excited to have Mummy Buck on board.  She has kindly agreed to run an agony aunt column for our award-winning newspaper, all for free!

Please note, her zero fee is not the reason she’s onboard, nothing to do with it….at all….okay!

We would love to hear your ‘Agony Aunt questions’!  Remember to tick the really small box hidden somewhere on the page.  The box that you will need to tick in order to opt out of your real name, address and phone number being sold for mega bucks.

Failure to tick will leave you plagued with daily calls from obscure numbers regarding accidents you’ve never had and other random, apparent non-selling bullshit calls.

Mummy Buck prides herself on her honesty (unlike callers above) and has a massive pile of as new, briefly looked at, parenting the right way books to refer to if she runs out of shit to write.

Got a question for Mummy Buck?  Mummy Buck is waiting, well she will be in 2018.

She’s asked us to point out she isn’t interested in reading about any acne problems, hemorrhoid related problems or shit like that.

The only pain in the arse she’ll be responding to is the arse ache of parenting kids.


To all the readers who never read anything properly and end up complaining about random shit, this will be a PARENTING problem page.

So in 2018 send your questions in and she’ll do her best to answer your parenting problems.


Note to all readers DEVOID of a sense of humour – you on trespassing on a blog that champions humour.  

For grown-up, sensible, answers you may want to take your problems to Deidre who will be better equipped to help you.

See you in 2018.

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