A Bit About Me

img_7445Hi I’m Sharon 40’ish mummy

Married to a hardworking, patient, funny, dad of the century (his words) Chelsea FC lifelong fan called Neil , have 4 kids aged 22, 20, 17 & 16, 2 girls, 2 boys couldn’t have planned it better.  Also step mum to Laura and Scott.  I work full time in the world of Criminal Defence specialising in criminal and military law, representing those arrested of a crime.

Brief List of Likes

Costco, well to be honest I actually love it there … Game of Thrones, The Crime Channel on Sky esp. Wives with Knives which greatly disturbs my husband.  Girly nights out, girly lunches, girly coffee dates lucky to have a circle of great friends and family.  Toy Story and am a massivo fan of New Country thank God for Chris Country Radio. I love Reading but never get time, facebook, comping, going to work for a rest! and my phone in fact it could be said I have attachment issues with my iPhone to rival my teenage kids!

Brief List of Dislikes

Teenage mess cant bring myself to enter their pit of doom without preparation, teenage attitude, lets just say teenage years. Dislike cheese & butter, whingy kids, trolley shopping,  road works with lanes coned off for 10 miles with no sign of human life, road works in school term time, road works full stop! Last minute homework.


Where do I start, I have plenty always on hand to voice them!  I actively encourage my kids to have their own opinions until and I quote “an opinion I don’t agree with” according to my eldest daughter Ciara then its discarded!  Unable to make an opinion short or an answer brief I blame the Irish in me, but I do try.   Quite recently a work colleague said the chances of me being quiet with nothing to say would be like trying to push the tide back….impossible! Cheeky sod but I loved his analogy.

Mummy Qualifications

Wow where do I begin, current holder of a first class honours in being embarrassing, annoying, singing badly, being weird which basically means weird? Failing to be cool and apparently a try hard! It’s funny as that is not how I see it, I remember all too well the kids enjoying my singing not that long ago, them pleading with me to help on school trips, holding my hand in public, being seen  with me in public, and to think I used to find all this a pain in the backside.  But hey if nothing else at least, I am accepted by their friends as a cool mum well liked and that I am embracing.

Motherhood Dream

Before having kids I visualised  myself being one of them earth mothers, if it’s not organic it’s not going near my baby, NCT meetings (what was I thinking!!!),  in the kitchen baking,  making homemade jams & chutneys, dinner on the table for hubbie, breezing into town to shop & enjoy a spot of lunch while feeding baby. Even when talking over this idealistic vision with my mum, her soft Irish tone telling me it might not quite work out I put down to an error of judgement on her part……..fast forward motherhood & I learnt very quickly that, as always, my mum was right I had a rude awakening.

Stripped back to the basics, makeup, clothes, housework, me time, anything I enjoyed gone boom in stepped Motherhood.  To this day the only indication of my long gone dream is my impressive collection of used cookbooks, I say used because I did actually open them and go as far to jot down the required ingredients, a huge pile of Good Food Magazines that my husband insists must be collectors’ items worthy of an eBay bidding war but better used to level his shed base!

So to all you mummy’s out there who  achieved my dream and still manage to do so I take my hat off to you,  I doubt my blogging will be of any use to you at all,  you already have motherhood nailed..


I pride myself on us all each being individuals and encourage this, now this is all said and good but to be honest when it comes to dinner times in our house individuality is stretched to the limits.  Pandering to my kids different palates when young seems to have left a lifelong legacy of rarely sitting down to eat the same meals, although a roast is always a good example if you minus the vegetables for Ciara, who I hasten to add feels no need to eat carrots to see in the dark she manages this quite well without any intake of the dreaded vegetable and proved this at the tender age of 7 in a dark hall!!!

Cue the new series of MasterChef and in kicks my unrealistic idea of actually believing I can do the same at home.  Opening the fridge to a wilted spring onion and tomato and believing that I too could churn out a 2 course dinner falls surprisingly flat.  How in my mind I hear the rapturous applause and squeals of delight as the kids all pile into the kitchen to get their dinner quickly drowned out by the loud groans  of “errr Mum what’s that?!? Why does it look like that”, noooooo way am I eating that! Cue my favourite one liner about the starving children blah blah  yep has the same effect on them as it always does, nothing, in fact I remember Evelena mentioning a new boy in her class who came from Africa and he wasn’t starving!!!…..gotta love a smart arse kid.  Can we have something else? Are there any ready meals in the freezer? Thank god for ready meals because at that point I don’t give a sod about salt content!

Well that’s a small piece about me I am very blessed to have 4 incredible kids, all completely different who enrich my life every day and who will give no end of stories to my blog, for that I thank them and that will all the praise they will be receiving today no one likes a bighead!!!


If this article has spelling mistakes, grammar is all wrong bro, paragraphs too lengthy or is a pile of waffle sorry but you will get used to it, or not,  up to you, on reflection it might have served to help me now had I actually paid attention in English all those years ago!!