Two teens have gone into hiding after their Mum tagged them in a selfie

Two teens have gone into hiding after their Mum tagged them in a selfie

  • Teens have urged their Mum to keep to her own wall on Facebook
  • Mummy Buck has been told, her ridiculous poses have to stop
  • Teens have vowed to return to the big wide world within 24 hours
  • Pippy, 17 has had enough of being told she looks just like her Mum
  • Teens have urged Mummy Buck to stick to selfies with her friends


Two teenage kids are in hiding this morning after a selfie taken with their Mum (Aka Mummy Buck) has surfaced on social media.


Mummy Buck, a former 80’s chick has committed the ultimate sin, tagging her kids in a photo without first checking it was okay.

A family friend told The Daily Grief: ‘‘the embarrassment of their friends seeing a photo taken with their mum and her ridiculous pose is too much to bear, worse still they’re both in the photo!  It was only ever meant for the family collection.

Mummy Buck, a former 80’s chick, said she was delighted with the photo.  She was feeling great about the way she looked in it and wanted to show off share with her friends on FB.

She said: ‘I’m absolutely bewildered as to why they’re moaning about it.  What I mean is, I’m not bewildered they’re moaning because they’re always bloody moaning.  What I’m bewildered about is………why they are moaning about this photo?

Let’s be honest, it’s not going to come as a shock to anyone most of their friends know me!  I doubt they will be like ‘whoa who’s the babe woman in the photo with you?”

She added: ‘I hardly think it will be topic of the day.  I doubt the jungle drums will be beating with the sound of “OMG everybody, gather round, have you all seen the photo of the Buck Kids with, wait for it………..their MUM!!!

‘After all, what’s wrong with a selfie with their Mum?  ‘Everything’ interrupted Dippy, 15.

A family member told our reporter:  ‘Mummy Buck’s a bit of a devil when it comes to photos.  She’s always trying to get photos of the kids, rarely with good results. They either end up arguing or one of the kids is pulling a stupid face.

This time, she told them the photo would stay on her phone.  Instead she went ahead and put it on Facebook.  She should have told them.  Prepared them in advance.  That way they could have deleted it the minute it was up.


Pippy, 17 learning to drive, told our reporter how she woke up to a notification saying she’d been tagged in a post. ‘I don’t often get tagged on Facebook these days, as none of us really use it.  My blood ran cold when I saw it was Mum who’d tagged me.   The worst bit, it said, ‘tagged photo’.  I couldn’t look.   Thank god, she’s completely clueless and useless on how to use Snapchat.


At the same time Dippy, 15, text me saying OMG have you seen what Mum’s tagged us in?  Plucking up the courage I looked, it was the photo taken last night, the photo she said would remain on her phone’.


Dippy, 15 winched as he recalled ‘we’d been out for a meal.  As usual, Mum wanted a selfie with us and went on and on about it.  As it was her birthday we gave in.  We all agreed it would be just one, if anything just to shut her up, which I have to say is no mean feat’.

Shaking her head, Pippy, 17 learning to drive, continued ‘the thing is she takes forever to take just one photo. And when she’s finally ready to take it, she presses the lock button turning the phone off!  I’ve lost count of the times I’ve told her it’s the volume button she needs to press’!

‘And she always holds the phone up ridiculously high.  I kid you not, she could have got the whole restaurant in her photo holding it up like that.  I swear at one point they were all posing for her’!


‘More embarrassingly her pose is ridiculous.  She has a fixed grin that’s just weird and she can hold the same expression for ages!  Who even poses like that? said Dippy, 15.  And she always picks the most populated area to take a selfie’.

He added: ‘Apart from Facebook, I don’t have her following me on any social media.  I can guarantee she would be always on there, commenting on any of my photos.  It proper makes me cringe just thinking about it’.

Mummy Buck, a former 80’s chick butted in: ‘Jeeze what’s the problem it’s just a photo…..and a very good one at that!

‘Anyone would think I’d stolen the crown jewels, worse still cancelled their phone contract’.

‘It’s terrible for Pippy, 17 learning to drive, said a close friend.  I feel sorry for her, I really do.  If I was in her position I would be sooooooooooooo embarrassed.  Fortunately, my Mum doesn’t go on Facebook, she hates it, she calls it Boastbook’!

Mummy Buck, a former 80s chick was shocked at hearing this.  She asked: ‘is your Mum okay’?


Finally, and most importantly Pippy, 17 learning to drive and Dippy, 15 are safe in the knowledge that there will be no ‘upset’ on any other social media platforms especially Snapchat as Mummy Buck is shit with them.


For the next 24 hours, they will be staying out of sight in their rooms and chilling out.  Mummy Buck has confirmed both teens are sat on their lazy arses chilling.

Apart from taking selfies and keeping their Snapstreak going, they are doing what they do best, nothing, nothing at all.

Mummy Buck, a former 80’s chick is pleased to report all is normal.

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