What type of Mum are you? – Quiz

What type of Mum are you? – Quiz

This is a short quiz I wrote for my column in That’s Life Magazine.  For all you out there who didnt see it I’ve decided to put it online for you all to have a go.  Let me know what type of Mum you turned out to me – for you info, I’m the last minute one!

What type of Mum are you?

Its 9pm on a school night are you…..

  1. Sorting out school uniform into appropriate piles before making the kids lunch boxes with novelty shaped sandwiches.
  2. Shouting for the umpteenth time at the kids to get to bed, before heading off to finish their homework
  3. Sleeping

How do you get your kids to clean up their mess?

  1. Start them off with the first chorus of the ‘tidy up song’ leaving them to finish?
  2. Argue with them as I clean up their mess vowing, loudly ‘this is the last time’
  3. Leave the house in a mess and go and watch TV

You’re dropping your child off to their friend’s birthday party do you…

  1. Enjoy a couple of free hours to indulge in a bit of ‘me’ time
  2. spend the next two hours cleaning and tidying the house, ready for it to be trashed again once they are all home!
  3. stay at the party

When going on holiday..

  1. You are chillin’ having packed and been organised two weeks before
  2. still chucking things in the suitcase as they are being loaded in the boot!
  3. Leave it for everyone else to do

It’s the weekly food shop time…..

  1. You skip through each aisle sticking rigidly to your shopping list courtesy of Alexa
  2. You’ve been shopping but spend the rest of the week nipping to the local overpriced shop for the things you forgot
  3. Do it online without changing the previous weeks order ending up with copious tins of beans

It’s a school morning your alarm goes off do you

  1. Get straight up to enjoy some quiet time before beautifying yourself ready to face the day
  2. Keep snoozing the alarm before jumping out of bed in a panic and racing round the house shouting at everyone to get up
  3. Take a sickie

Thinking about dinner do you…

  1. Spend all afternoon preparing an evening meal peeling veg etc
  2. Shove a pizza in the oven the kids don’t appreciate home cooking anyway
  3. Order a take away

How do you keep a record of all school events…..

  1. Check the kids bags as soon as they come in for any important letters/events marking them on the calendar.
  2. Panic when you find the final reminder highlighting you have not paid the school trip your kid is going on that day!
  3. Rely on the kids to be organised

You’re in the car on way to school when you hear Mum, I’ve forgotten my lunch box/PE kit/food tech ingredients..’……..

  1. You’ve never had this problem
  2. You realise, once again your morning will now be taken up with an extra school run!
  3. Let them take the consequences of another detention

You know your child has food tech the following Tuesday do you

  1. Immediately go out and buy all the ingredients in readiness for next week
  2. Add it to your shopping list complaining it’s a waste of money as no one eats it and then forget
  3. Pop to the local shop on the way to school

Its annual cake sale at school do you send your child in with

  1. Homemade Unicorn Cup Cakes & Choc Chip Cookies
  2. Shop bought fairy cakes with one kept for you
  3. Conveniently forget

Your kid comes home with a party invite do you

  1. Immediately respond letting the parent know your child would love to attend
  2. Totally forget and just turn up on the day of the party
  3. Hope your child wont want to go so you don’t have the expense of a present

Mostly A’s you are Perfect Mum

You are the dictionary definition of organised.  You’re clear with what’s required daily and you stick with it.  You are a lover of success and the thoughts of winging each day chills you to the bone.  You are a master of admin, dealing promptly or placing it in the action pile.  An active member of the PTA & Class Rep 3rd year in a row.  You’re always on time, the first to pick up from a party and the first Mum waiting at the school gates.  Even your kids dont forget anything when it comes to school trips or activities.  You have a natural way of preparing for things. You view World Book Day as a chance to showcase your creative skills.   You’re so proud of your kids achievements and love to document their lives on social media.  Checking every 10 minutes to see how many likes you have!  Your motto – if its not on your weekly planner, don’t do it, don’t buy it, don’t keep it.

Mostly B’s you are Last Minute Mum

If it wasn’t for last minute nothing would get done.  School mornings are fraught and never long enough.  You’ll be tearing off in the car, late with kids still eating their breakfast biscuits on the way to school.  You park right outside the school gate, in everyones way and eject the kids out.  Your morning prayer is vowing tonight you will forgo Netflix in favour of an early night.  You can’t imagine living without Amazon Prime.  You run on adrenaline and a daily diet of caffeine and love nothing more than  a cancelled night out.  You believe your last minute actions are good lessons for the kids, teaching them life is not all about schedules and appearances.  Go with the flow and what will be will be.  Your motto: ‘I love deadlines.  I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by’!

Mostly C’s you are Laid Back Mum

Your so laid back you are almost horizontal  You believe children need to find their own path with as little intrusion and strict parenting from you as possible,  You’re happiest when leaving them to their own devices leaving you time with your ‘devices’!  You’re so chilled you don’t even raise an eyebrow when a chocolate milkshake is spilled again on the carpet, you just let these small things go, because you follow Mrs. Hinch on social media!  And so what if your child stays up past 9pm, they’ll fall asleep when they’re ready.  You believe some parents spend to much time making lists & dictating to do things the right way.  Your motto ‘sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax’!


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