So November has got off to a cracking start. Thanks to a friend Ciara has landed herself a part time job washing up in a local pub, a whole new experience for her working and washing up!! She started Sunday and I am pleased to report, all went well & she made enough to keep up her addiction to Nando’s indulging straight after her shift but it all made for a welcome change from the stresses of her GCSE studies.

The 5th saw our yearly jaunt to our local Bonfire night minus our two older ones who sadly now prefer the company of their friends at a different venue.

So the wellies came out of hibernation to loud groans of “they don’t fit, I can’t get my foot in” and me looming over them like the wicked stepmother insisting that their feet will fit. Finally admitting defeat, it was old trainers on, hats, coats and we were ready for the off.


The kids were so excited they didn’t even moan about the walk there and back, although I think it may have helped that Niall was pre-occupied catching Pokémons en-route to think about far he had to go.

Bonfire ablaze, we walked around enjoying the wonderful array of food and drinks on offer from local suppliers. Burgers, sausages, hot chocolate & coffee were all available as well as the customary Tea Cup Ride. Sadly this was the first year that the kids didn’t want to have a go; they said they are too old. I think they have since been spoilt with the Tea Cups at Thorpe Park a personal favourite of mine as it doesnt involve heights.

It was time for the annual lighting of the Sparklers. Now I don’t know if anyone else has a problem with lighting sparklers or if it’s just me, but this year proved extremely challenging. With two impatient children and a crowd all waving their lit sparklers, the pressure was on. Time and time again the failure to light them was not going down well; the excuse of the wind was just not cutting it and I swear I can still see an indentation on my thumb from the spark wheel. Double checking we hadn’t bought joke Sparklers I near on screamed with delight when one sprung into life, halleluiah we were ready to sparkle.


The evening was rounded of perfectly with a spectacular firework display, nothing could dampen it not even Niall who was constantly asking if we could get his candy floss and go, as there was a Pokémon he needed to fight at the village hall, it was apparently a very important fight that awaited.

So a quick dash back to the Candy Floss stall saw me fleeced out of £7 for two bags of pink stuff but hey its only once a year, then it was homeward bound with a few Pokémons caught on the way.

Many thanks go to the local committee and all the volunteers who put so much time and effort into organising such a wonderful evening year after year.